Kristine has been the State Services Manager for AAUW of Michigan. Her skills are superb, as is her initiative. She designs engaging newsletters and keeps contact lists up to date in Constant Contact. She works very effectively with diverse personalities, as she interacts with our Board and members of the organization, and is always pleasant. She has done a tremendous job in redesigning our website to make it engaging, easy to navigate, and organized. She looks at problems to be solved as opportunities for growth and approaches them in a positive manner that strengthens our organization.

Jan Van Gasse

President, AAUW of Michigan

Our nonprofit organization kept track of our members with paper files and a very large spreadsheet in which was updated when members paid their annual dues. It also contained contact information such as name, email, phone number and address. It was very clumsy and easy to make mistakes when posting information.

Kristine presented to our director a number of programs available as a simplified way to track member information. She investigated a number of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and compared what would work best for our needs as a non-profit. She settled on one which has worked well for us. We have all the information we need on all of our members and we can pull many different reports to help us track membership payments, donations and more.

Kristine is very good at analyzing data and putting it to use. She created many of the reports I still use today. Kristine’s help with us going from a cumbersome paper system to an online system has saved me time and our organization money.

Jill Mondloch

Executive Assistant

Kristine brought our non-profit into the 21st century. We had everything on paper going back to the 50’s. Kristine was able to research a great CRM system that met our needs and our budget. We digitized all of our files and now we can create reports for just about anything we need. We can also pull up our members and see their information so much easier! Whenever we have quick questions; Kristine is available for a fast answer. She’s a rockstar!

Josh Shannon

Non-Profit Organization

Kristine has been an extremely valuable resource for our nonprofit organization. She has been available for our pleas for help when we are stuck with a website problem or if we generally need advice on a coding issue we are having with our new website. Kristine will NOT be stumped. If she doesn’t have the answer for an issue we are having, she WILL find out how to fix our problem within 24 hours. She is simply amazing and fixing our website issues, helping us with general issues we have with anything website or internet related.

Satisfied Customer