Reasons You Need A Virtual Assistant

Why hire another employee? At Schroeder Administrative Solutions you only pay for what you need.

I can reduce overhead and employment taxes & eliminate Office Space and purchased equipment.

Reduce Overhead Costs

The cost to work with a virtual assistant is substantially less than the cost of hiring a full-time or part-time employee. It may be daunting that US-based VA’s may have a starting rate of $45-50/hr, however, working with a VA allows for a bit of flexibility. You contract for a certain number of hours, or perhaps just on a project basis.

Let’s say you need an administrative assistant for your business. Contracting with a VA $50/hr for 20 hours of service per month for 12 months ($12,000) is far less than paying a full-time employee $13/hr, 40 hours a week for a year ($27,040) and if there isn’t much work to do; you’re paying an employee to be bored. Even if your business doesn’t offer many benefits; if you hire an employee, you still have taxes, insurance and office space to maintain.

Save Time and Relieve Stress

With a virtual assistant, you can delegate those time-consuming tasks that take your focus away from the core of your business: email management, phone calls, social media profiles to update, content to create, travel arrangements to make. All of these tasks will take you away from other critical parts of your business: like securing clients, completing work, and any other income generating tasks you have. By contracting with a VA, you are able to focus on making money while your VA keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes. Additionally, when you outsource tasks, you limit the directions in which you are being pulled. You don’t have to rush through projects and tasks while worrying that something might fall through the cracks. Hiring a VA will alleviate stress and take some of the pressure off of yourself and your full-time team.

Grow Business

A virtual assistant will give you the opportunity to expand your business. While the VA is handling day-to-day tasks, you can focus on growth strategies and other ways to improve your business. A virtual assistant can also act as an OBM (Online Business Manager) which will help you get all of your systems, processes, and team in place. VA’s work with you to help you accomplish your goals. A virtual assistant can anticipate your business needs and help you to identify potential problems and find solutions. The support of a VA is great to have – especially in small businesses.