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Lucky You!

Hello! Happy March! It’s the only time of the year that you might find a green smoothie in my hand.

Ok, it’s a shamrock shake. Why does that matter?!

It’s the month that everyone thinks about luck – or being lucky. And you don’t have to be Irish to want things to go your way…

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How Does Passion Play Into Your Business?

I remember when I was young and well-meaning adults would tell me, “Do what you love and the money will follow.” What I didn’t know at the time is that those people were neither happy nor wealthy and possibly a…

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What’s Keeping You Awake? Are you a 3am Worrier?

Are you a 3am Worrier? I’ve been a worrier my whole life. Some call it a “Type A Personality”. Some say “Worrywart” or “High Strung”. I don’t know what I’d call it.This last year has changed that mindset for sure. I was always a bit of a…

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You Can Save The Ship!

As a small business owner for a couple of years now, I’ve learned a few things. But one important thing is that we are all pretty similar.Most small business owners have something in common. We like to get things done ourselves and we have…

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Is Disorganization Driving You Crazy?

You know the drill. We all know the drill. You know exactly where something is – until you need to retrieve it – and then you’re in a panic. You’re sure it was right here. Where did it go?! You retrace your steps. You think…

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Are you wasting your time?

I suppose we’re all guilty of it, right? From time to time, there’s so much to do – and for one reason or another – we just don’t. Like the soldiers that we mourn on Memorial Day and others who are gone from our lives – we wish we had more…

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Put Your Pillow In the Fridge? Or Not.

At the end of every month, I get a fun little list of the “National Days” for the next month. For instance, Pi Day in March is listed for 3/14 and Star Wars Day 5/4 is listed, along with at least one thing – and sometimes…

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The Many Hats of a Virtual Assistant

Do you remember the children’s book “Caps for Sale”? I think it went something like this: A man is selling caps and he wears these caps on his head as he strolls around the town and hillside looking for customers. Unfortunately for…

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