Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a different theme?

No. The Divi Theme is very customizable. There is no need to use a different theme. But if you like something, I can probably recreate it.

I'm updating an old site. Will you proofread everything before adding it to the new site?

Not automatically. This is an extra charge and you will need to purchase a debit card with at least 5 hours. I’m happy to make some minor changes (spelling, grammar, etc.) if you let me know specifically where they are. 

What hours are you available? When should I be available.

My hours are pretty flexible. I usually work on websites in the later afternoons and early evenings. There will be times when we will need to work together. We can schedule that time as it arises.

Can you connect to a different payment portal other than Square or Stripe?

Probably not. I will build your site so that everything is functional using Stripe or Square. If you want to try another method, you are welcome to attempt it on your own.

How long will it take to build?

This is a tricky question. It really depends on how many things you decide to edit after I show you the first iteration. I generally calculate approx. 1 hour per page.

What times are you NOT available?

I tend to work in the evenings and on weekends as I’m able. However, please do not expect me to be working every single hour of every day. I need down time too!

What if I don't use Square or Stripe?

I can help you create an account in whichever you prefer. There is no surcharge to use either platform. You are charged by transaction. The fee will be subtracted from the amount deposited into your bank account.

What happens if something takes longer?

Sometimes there are definitely glitches. A tool doesn’t work as advertised or a 3rd party is experiencing a problem. You will not be charged for the time to sort out problems that are out of my hands.

What happens when we're ready to launch?

We will meet via Zoom & do a walk-through of the site. It’s common to have a couple changes at this point. There will be no more additions of content after this. Content (pages, sections, etc.) added after our walk-through and/or more than 1 delay in going live will be charged hourly.

I have a whole store. How will that be designed?

I design the website using WordPress, but the store portion will be through Square. That way, Square can keep track of inventory, delivery dates, shipping etc. I use Square instead of Shopify or WooCommerce because it is free.

How should I communicate with you when there are changes?

I prefer to keep everything in email or to meet face-to-face on Zoom. It’s too hard to track things through other formats such as text, Facebook Messenger or other platforms. 

How are passwords and confidential material handled?

Your website will require integration with some 3rd party platforms. You and I will get together and discuss whether you want me to keep your passwords. Generally speaking I do not store client passwords. Once the platform is integrated, I do not revisit it.