My Recommended High School–Adult Book List

Hello friends!  Happy February!  Let’s start the month out with my final book list!  I have given these books a lot of thought.  I’m interested in what you think too, so make sure to find the comment button below and share your takes on these and other good books.

My Favorite Middle School Books

Welcome back, friends! This is a continuation of my lists. Today’s list contains books for the middle grades. I have advised caution with some of these books; but please don’t take them off your child’s reading list forever! Exercise caution if appropriate; but these books can be revisited when your child is in high school, or even after!

The Junk Drawer Saga

Once upon a time there was a rather frayed stay-home-mom who had too much junk to begin with. One day her junk drawer—which had never been made well in the first place—finally, fell apart. The frayed mother was very upset. “What will I do?”

My Favorite Elementary Book List

I love reading! And I love to share that with people of all ages and stages of reading. Many of the books on my babies-preschool list can be enjoyed for years into elementary school; either read by a parent, or read by the child as he…

My Favorite Books For Babies – Preschoolers

I started thinking about my favorite books, and I found what some of you probably already know: There are too many! I’ve decided to break the list down into segments. The great thing about kids before they start school is…

Top 10 Parenting Tricks — Babies – Adult

Feeding a toddler: Have you ever served spaghetti and had to take the time to cut it for your small child? If you have more than one – mine were 18 months apart – by the time you cut up their food, yours is cold. Plus, cutting…


I’m looking over some old writing and it’s fitting that this one pops up right after Christmas.I had just started writing a blog in January of 2017. I had no idea that I would go to work the next Monday morning and be fired! So, I needed to find…