Why it’s okay to be afraid as long as you do it anyway

Be afraid…do it anyway! Change is scary, I get it. 😨

Starting my business was the scariest thing I ever did. But let me tell you about someone else’s scary moment. Ok, it was a little scary for me too. 🙈

I was working at a place that had a whole room full of paper files – rows of filing cabinets full of years’ worth of paperwork.

They were keeping track of customer data on a spreadsheet. A VERY LONG spreadsheet. It was clunky at best. It was very easy to mess up. It was impossible to fix when mistakes were made.

Things were slipping through the cracks more often than we wanted to admit, even to ourselves.

Something had to change. We needed a CRM. A Customer Relationship Management Software. We needed a place where all that paperwork could be accessed easily. Where we could call up a customer and everything associated with them would pop up.

So I started doing research. We found one we loved, and we imported data. Lots of data.

Finally, the day came to stop doing what we had done before and rely solely on the CRM. We had to stop putting the data in the old place – or we’d just be adding more work for ourselves – and expect that the CRM was going to work.

It was like pushing that one critical button. We wanted to close our eyes and pray. 🙏

But guess what?! It worked!! The file cabinets were exiled to the basement, and the files were kept; but new files weren’t created…not paper ones anyway. Everything from that point became digital. 🗄️💻

The file room became a break room. ☕

If you are wondering whether it was worth it and if it impacted that business dramatically, the answer is Yes.

If you are wondering if the other workers and I grew from it professionally, the answer is Absolutely.

So if you’re ready to transform something in your business, let’s chat! 💬🚀 #BusinessTransformation #EmbraceChange #SuccessStories