Impossible Can Become Possible

Think of a time when you’ve had to be mentally tough. Maybe it was a competition you were in, or a work challenge, or a particularly tough time you had to get through.🏅

How did you do it? I’m betting true grit and hard work had a lot to do with it. 💯

That’s what it takes to do the thing that seems impossible right now. You’ve done it before. You can do it again.

Sometimes we put things off because we psych ourselves out. Like, it’s this monumental task and you can’t see yourself on the other side of it. But how many times have you dreaded something that only took you an hour or two once you got going? 🙋♀️ 🙋♂️ So don’t let fear stop you from taking the first step. Everything is “breakdownable”.

Here’s what I do when things seem impossible:

I head over to, hit “Pomodoro” and start the clock for 25 minutes. ⏰ It’s a time-management tool where you alternate short, focused work sessions with shorter breaks. And it really helps you concentrate and stay focused (and forget all about how hard you thought it was going to be!).

Next time something seems impossible, push yourself to spend 25 minutes on it. You can do ANYTHING for 25 minutes!! 🕒 💥