How I Got to Where I Am Today

Some people make it look so easy…like, they just roll out of bed and drop 10 pounds overnight, launch a 7-figure biz, have an immaculate home….. 😅🏡💼

It can make you wonder what the heck you’re doing wrong. 

The answer is, nothing. 

It takes a lot of sweat and tears to make something look simple. 

When I first started Schroeder Administrative Solutions, I had no idea what I was doing. I had never even heard of Virtual Assisting before. I thought, “I’m good at office administrative tasks and I like them…why don’t I start a business?!” That was it. I had no idea how to run the business side of things, I had no idea how to do finances or taxes. Heck, I JUST learned how to do my social media on a regular basis in late 2023!! 🤯💻

There have also been many pivots along the way. At first, I didn’t want to build websites because I didn’t know a lot about hosting. I learned and now I have built over a dozen websites. I didn’t know how to use a lot of the tools that are second nature to me now. I definitely didn’t know how to market my services. 🛠️💻

I looked for a business coach, found a couple I didn’t like before I found “the one”. Now she and I are still working together and I count her as a friend! She’s introduced me to a different kind of coach, and I’m going to be working with her later this year! 🤝🚀

So, if you’re just getting started, or thinking of starting to build something, just know that it’s not going to happen overnight. 

Remember, put one foot in front of the other, take it one day at a time, and focus on the process. You can do it!! 💪✨

Are you building something? Let me know in the comments! 🏗️👇 #BuildingDreams #EntrepreneurJourney #KeepPushingForward