Online Networking 101: How to Network Like a Pro

Online Networking 101: How to make meaningful connections. 😎

It’s easy to be a little blasé when it comes to Online Networking. So, the first thing is to pretend you’re NOT online!

First – you might wonder where to FIND networking groups and meetings to attend. I can’t say enough about EventBrite. I was able to find so many Christian Business Men and Women to join that I couldn’t join them all. I found one: The AAC Co-Working Mixer – for Christian Women Business Owners on Wednesdays. I’ve attended for more than a year!

Here’s what I do:

🌟 #1 – Dress to impress. Make sure you’re wearing a nice outfit and your hair is styled; if you’re a female, wear appropriate jewelry and do your makeup. Don’t wear hats.

🌟 #2 – Get your camera and mic ready. Make sure you have a decent webcam and mic – you don’t have to spend a lot. I got my webcam from Amazon 2 years ago and it was less than $50. A client told me that my mic had a “tinny” quality, so I upgraded to a podcaster’s mic. It was also less than $50.

🌟 #3 – Check your background and make sure your name is displayed. My office is in an unfinished basement. I want to make sure that my clients see a professional looking office. I created several options for a Zoom background in Canva. You also want to make sure that your name isn’t displaying as “Sandy’s iphone” or “John”. Make sure your first and last name are displayed. In some cases, you might choose to use your business name – but make sure your name is listed as well!

🌟 #4 – Make sure you’re networking to get to KNOW people – not to sell to them. If you’re looking for a mark, it’ll show! Do this by following up with them. I use Less Annoying CRM to keep track of who I’m meeting. It allows me to make notes about whether I liked them; what their business is; and whether I may want to promote them or do business with them in the future.

Try it for yourself 👀 And don’t forget to share this post on your story for other aspiring networkers to take advantage of!