It’s Time To Try Something New

In today’s world, you have to be prepared to switch up your strategy 💪

So, I’ve recently stopped pushing myself too hard.

Now, I am planning to stop hurting myself – mentally and physically. I’m a feet-first — jump-all-in type of person. But honestly, it’s hurt me more than it’s ever helped me. I used to push myself hard in everything I did. At the gym, it meant that I was literally hurting myself. I thought I’d get better at it. Like somehow I could age backward. In business, I have great ideas, but I want them to work out immediately, and that’s just not how it works. So I’d be hurt and think I was doing something wrong.

So in 2024, I’m not going to push so hard anymore.

This has allowed me to:

👌 Be more consistent. I don’t have to take unplanned days between workouts because I’m so sore I can’t move.

👌 Become more confident. I’m allowing myself to quit working at a reasonable hour – instead of working nearly constantly and flirting with burnout.

👌 Be happier! I’m not as stressed with everything, so I’m clear headed and more positive. I’m finding I’m getting more done in less time, too!

What are switching up this year?! Let me know in the comments.👇