Happy July! I’m so excited for this month. I love the height of summer and all it’s warmth with lunches on patios and parties by the fire.

I’m planning to spend the next couple of months doing some deep decluttering around my house. There are a lot of boxes to go through and more than a few things that can go in the garbage.

I recently saw a short video that poked fun at the things “grown-ups” keep. I have to admit that I am definitely guilty of the box of unknown cords, old cell phones and paint that I will never use again!

Well, the time has come to part with those things. And, much to the dismay of my husband, who keeps paper things because he’s afraid he might need them one day, the old bills – like from more than a decade ago – are on their way out too.

Our den has become a “Room of Requirement” and has way too much stuff in it. It’s all in boxes, all in need of sorting and a lot in need of a new home. As I was doing a first cursory rummage through some of the things, I found yet another thing that people tend to keep – even after its usefulness has passed: an old pair of prescription glasses.

And that gave me the idea for this month’s newsletter. This month I want to tell you about how hiring a VA is like getting prescription eyeglasses. Intrigued?

I hope so! Read on! I hope you love it.

All the best,

Kristine Schroeder
Chief Solution Seeker
Schroeder Administrative Solutions

Your Prescription For Help

Have you ever been fitted for prescription glasses? The first step, of course, is knowing (and admitting to yourself) that there’s some things that are not as clear as they used to be. From that moment, you know you need some help. So you go in to get your eyes checked. If you’ve been through this, you know that the doctor goes through several see-through slides and compares how well they work. You look at each and you tell the doctor which is better. Is it better with A or B? You choose A and he gives you C. Is it better now with A or C? Each step of the process leads him to the final result which is a prescription for better vision. Often it’s different for the left eye and the right eye – but it’s just right for you and will help you see perfectly (or at least a lot better)! The next step is deciding whether you want glasses or contacts. And from there, you have to pick the frames or type of contacts that are going to work best for you and fit your budget.

~~Hiring a VA is a lot like getting your eyes checked.  Your VA really has to be specific to YOU – or it’s not going to work!~~

First, you have to take a look at what parts of your business you’re not able to focus on as well as you’d like.

The next step is thinking about what kind of person you want to work with.  Like eyewear, a good fit is imperative. Is it important to you that you work with someone who checks in every day? How many hours of work need to be done? Are you looking for occasional projects to give to someone to do, or are you looking for someone to work with you daily? Are there calls or meetings that they VA will need to participate in? 

And, of course, you’re going to want to put some thought into your budget. Too low and, like glasses, your VA isn’t likely to last long. But, also like glasses, you don’t have to break the bank. There are affordable options for great VAs. 

Next, think about whether there are specialties that need to be considered. Do you need someone who knows how to do certain tasks already, like web design or CRM work? 

Now it’s time to start looking for your perfect match! She might be sending you this very newsletter (hint hint). I’d love to talk to you about what kinds of administrative tasks you’d like to unload. And – even though I’d love to work with you – sometimes my skill set or time availability isn’t a great match for what you need. In cases like that, I belong to a Professional VA group and I am happy to match you with someone who can help!

Hiring a VA should be as easy as getting your eyes checked – and you should evaluate your business every 6-12 months, just like your eyes! Take a look at how much you’re working. Is it more than you’d like? Also look at how easy the tasks that you do regularly are. Could they be easier? Is there something that could be automated? A VA is the perfect person to work with the work smarter so that you can grow faster!

If you’re thinking of getting some help; give me a call or book a free consultation and let’s talk! No pressure…you’ll never know if everything could be clearer til you look through the options!