Happy Summer! I didn’t think the snow would ever melt!

It’s funny how you can look at the world covered in snow for a few months and forget what it ever looked like with green grass and full, leafy trees.

The birds are back from their winter vacation and the hibernators have opened their eyes. The cicadas are buzzing and the peepers are croaking! Sure, the first day of summer isn’t here yet – but the weather says it’s summer and that’s good enough for me!

I’m planning on doing some traveling this summer. Can’t wait to kick it off this weekend. One thing I love about traveling is meeting new people. It’s super-important to remember the names of the people I meet, and I have to admit: I’ve gotten pretty darn good at it.

In today’s newsletter I’ll share why getting people’s names right is so important and some of my tricks for remembering them.

So, read on! I hope you love it.

All the best,

Kristine Schroeder
Chief Solution Seeker
Schroeder Administrative Solutions

The Name Game

There’s so much that can by said about names. In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare was saying that the name doesn’t matter. Of course, he was talking about the ongoing feud between the Montagues and the Capulets and how it shouldn’t matter if Romeo and Juliet were in love.

But I would argue that – even though you could call a rose by a different name – there’s something about using the correct name that’s just “right”. And, when it comes to our own names, there is no more important word to us.

Using someone’s name correctly is an important aspect of effective communication. In fact, studies have been done that prove that there is an activation in the brain when hearing our own name that even exists when someone is in a coma!

In a business context, using someone’s name, including the correct spelling and pronunciation, is essential. Think about it! When someone emails you and spells your name wrong – or gets it wrong altogether – do you notice? Of course you do! And the feeling you get doesn’t go away quickly. You feel let down, disappointed, even angry.

A person’s name is not only a part of their identity but also a representation of their personal brand. Getting it right can make a significant difference in building and maintaining positive relationships with clients, customers, and colleagues.

In a business setting, using someone’s name correctly demonstrates respect and consideration for that individual, which can help to establish trust and credibility. When a name is misspelled or mispronounced, it can create a negative impression and make the other person feel unimportant or undervalued. Furthermore, using the correct name can help to personalize a conversation and create a more meaningful connection between individuals.

In addition, using someone’s name correctly can help to avoid potential misunderstandings or confusion, particularly in written communication. For example, if an email is addressed to the wrong person or spelled incorrectly, it can lead to delays in response or even lost business opportunities.

Taking the time to learn someone’s name correctly can also demonstrate cultural sensitivity and awareness, which is increasingly important in today’s global business environment. In many cultures, the use of names and titles is significant, and getting them right can help to establish a positive rapport with individuals from different backgrounds.
So how can you remember the names of people you just met? Here are 5 quick ways:

1. Repeat their name out loud when you first meet them. This will help you remember it better. Work it into the conversation.

2. Associate their name with something memorable. While you’re talking, make sure to use a name to ask a pointed question. For example, “John, what do you do?” When John tells you he’s an accountant, you can make a connection of “Accountant John.”

3. Create a mental image or association with their name. For example, if their name is Lily, imagine a field of lilies to pair their name with the flower. This can help you remember their name more easily.

4. Use mnemonic devices. For example, if their name is Michael, you could remember it as “ATM – Artistic Tattoo Michael.”

5. If you forget someone’s name, be honest and just ask! “I’m sorry, you told me your name and it went straight out of my head.” Chances are, they’ll not only repeat their name, but they’ll appreciate your candor and laugh it off.
It’s crucial to get other people’s names right – but don’t forget to get yours right too! When you sign up for something, make sure to capitalize the first letter of your first and last name. Make sure to not use all caps. And when you sign something that you’re typing, make sure that you haven’t fumbled your fingers and typed it so fast that you’ve actually misspelled your own name, or capitalized the first and second letter instead of just the first letter. Don’t forget – you’re important too!!