5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Fails in Your Business This Year

It’s the holiday season. Again. Are you thinking, how did time get away from you again?

I admit it. Somehow the holidays always catch me off guard. I think I have plenty of time, and then I turn around and everything is coming full-steam ahead and I’m behind the 8-ball again.

Last Christmas, I started to finally get the idea. I came across a couple of things that helped me in my business so that instead of scrambling at year’s end; I could relax and enjoy some time off with my family.


I’m here to share 5 of those tricks so that you can take advantage and get some relaxation too!

#1 Take a look at what didn’t work. Just because something doesn’t work, doesn’t mean it’s a failure. If your business is a brick-and-mortar location and you ran a special the same night as an ice storm – that doesn’t mean you failed. It just means that something happened that was out of your control. There are a couple of things you can do to avoid a weather-related downfall.

Consider using a social media platform to live-stream the event. If no one pops up in person, you can pivot and make it a virtual event. You can showcase special items and do prize giveaways during your live. Encourage those joining online to submit email addresses so you can contact them in the event that they’ve won. Make sure your customers can purchase online!

If online live events are just not for you; make sure that you have an alternative date that you include in your advertising. You can still honor anyone who braves the weather on the original night – but then you have a second attempt in case things don’t go as planned.

#2 Get your cards ready early – like really early. This year, when you purchase cards, purchase extras for next year. Go ahead and sign them and stuff the envelopes. Use sticky notes to label them for 2023. I usually label them as “Religious”; “Not Religious”; and I note that I’ve already signed. I stamp them using Forever stamps. I then put all of them in the original box they came in and put them with – wait for it – my Thanksgiving decorations!

That way, next Thanksgiving, when I’m packing up those decorations, all I have to do is grab the cards, print the labels and send them!

It’s not too late to get those cards out for 2022. Consider using a service like Send Out Cards or hire a VA to send them for you.

#3 Start using a CRM. Even if it’s just a free version and you’re not using it for its full potential. At least put every single person you meet in the CRM. As 2023 progresses, ask your contact for their snail mail addresses. I usually say something like, “From time to time, I like to send out a card to my contacts. What’s your address?” Some people will never respond, and that’s ok. The beauty of using a CRM is that you can make note of who responds, who’s been asked (so you’re not asking the same people over and over again), and who you might want to circle back to at a later date.

#4 Plan for time away. Sure, it seems obvious when you see it printed. But have you really thought about your time away? As business owners – especially solo entrepreneurs – we sometimes forget to actually put it on the calendar. I admit, I often feel guilt when I’m not actually working. So go ahead and block a day or more off your calendar. Set up that auto-response. Send your calls to voicemail. And sit back and enjoy the season. Even if it’s just for a day or two.

#5 Stop working. No, I don’t mean just quit. And obviously, you can’t ignore critical things that may arise. But I mean stop at a reasonable hour every night. Give yourself time to do the extra holiday things – the parties, the decorating, the baking and the cooking. Let yourself enjoy the friends and family. If you’re working until 8 or 9 pm every night (guilty again); you’re going to be burned out and resentful. What’s more, studies have shown that you’re probably not even as productive after 8 hours. So, put it down; make a list for tomorrow; and allow yourself to walk away!