Why You Should Stop Tolerating Frustrations in Your Business

It took me years. I don’t know why it did – but for some reason, I was happy enough with good enough.

I have a laptop and a desktop and when I would work on my laptop, I’d have to then send the work to the desktop. It was extra work. But it was good enough.

Then I went out of town and was working solely on my laptop and I realized that things were out-of-date or just not really matched up. What was worse, is I was never quite sure if I was looking at the most up-to-date version of anything!

So, at one point, I sent an email to four people and two of the addresses were very old and no longer correct. That was the last straw.

So I finally got Microsoft 365. 

I guess I thought it would cost too much – but my time that I was wasting was far more valuable and the sheer annoyance and stress of the entire situation far outweighed the cost of any monthly subscription. Imagine my delight when I found there was an annual rate that was actually super-affordable.

Why didn’t I look at that a long time ago!?

The answer is that we get used to the way we do things and when there are hiccups; we just ignore them; and when they become bigger issues, we continue to tolerate them.

Another thing I’ve been just “getting by with” was my anti-virus software. It was good enough. But It was irritating. It popped up all the time asking me to upgrade or do some other task. And of course, those popups always happen when you really don’t have time for them! 

So I broke down and bought one of my favorite softwares. TrendMicro. I love that it does its job and leaves me alone. It doesn’t ask me fore anything unless something really needs my attention.

So, as we go into the fall season (some of us kicking and screaming because we don’t want summer to be over already)….take a look at what you might be tolerating that you can fix. Look into that long overdue solution. 

Discussion Questions: 
  1. What is one thing you’ve put up with because you’re just not even sure if there is a fix?
  2. What’s something that you tolerated or too long but finally got rid of or fixed?


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