Spread the Word! Learn to Share!

Let’s face it. You’re awesome. You know it. I know it too. So go ahead – tell everyone you know!! Heck, even tell the people you don’t know – because once they see how awesome you are – they’ll want to know you too!!

I know what you’re thinking – You want to promote your business: your products or services. Talking about how awesome you are is exactly what people DON’T want to hear! Wrong.

Studies suggest that 64% of consumers want to feel connected to those with whom they do business – whether it’s purchasing something in a shop or getting a service done. (Sprout Social)

So, the problem isn’t that you shouldn’t be spreading the word. The problem is that you need to do so strategically. Here are a few tips to get more out of your social media sharing. If you’re not using social media – start small and once you get the hang of it; share to more and more places.

1. Make Sharing Your Content Easy For Users. When you share an article on any social media outlet, make sure that you include a link that the user can share that will link back to your work – whether on your website, or the original social media where you shared it. The idea is that you want people to share it – but you don’t want it to link back to the last person who shared it.

2. Simple Image-Based Posts Can Perform Well. People don’t often want to read a lot of text. A picture with a blurb that is succinct and easy to read will perform better than longer text without images.

3. Create Infographics. Infographics are a great way to show an idea and can be shared on every social media outlet. Pinterest is a great place to start posting infographics. When you post, Pinterest will require you to link to your website.

4. Show Off Your Expertise. Social Media is a great place to stake your claim to your expertise. Don’t worry – you don’t have to give up industry secrets. Just sharing tips and tricks for your industry is enough. Remember – the whole point of Social Media is to be seen, to stay in front of people!

5. Cross Promote. Share an article that you wrote or an infographic you created with someone in your same industry. Ask that person to share it with their network, and to give you credit. Do the same for that colleague. This helps boost your expertise and credibility.

6. Show Your Fun Side. Don’t be so serious! It’s ok to have a laugh once in a while. Instagram is a great place to be YOU. Let your hair down and post some things that are just for fun.

7. Plan Ahead. Sit down once a month to plan the next month’s posts across the platforms you choose to use. Without a plan, it’s unlikely to get done. Block a day when you can just think about what you’re going to do.

Not sure what to post where? Here’s a quick guide:

  • TWITTER – One Liners. Short excerpts from articles with the article linked. News items and trending topics.
  • FACEBOOK – Things to share with friends. Emotional posts (Be careful not to go overboard.) 
  • LINKEDIN – Professional friends and colleagues. Show your expertise and illustrate how you can help.
  • INSTAGRAM – Pictures say a thousand words. Share pictures that start conversations.
  • PINTEREST – Practical advice in an image. Think posters – Things you would hang on the wall. Linked back to your website.

Again, it seems overwhelming…so start small. Taking on everything at once will be too stressful. Once you get started you’ll be surprised at how easy it becomes to engage with current customers and new customers alike.